Deer Feed FAQ

For best results feed deer proper nutrition year round (where possible -- check state guidelines) For a full in-depth answer, check out this video "When Should You Start Feeding Deer?"

This answer can vary based on property size, available habitat, food sources & deer density. We recommend setting up a feeder every +/- 100 acres. For a in-depth answer, watch this video: How Many Deer Feeders Should You Put On Your Property?

When selecting a spot to setup a new deer feeder, find an area that has some open space around. This gives deer a chance to mill around and creates a comfortable, safe feed environment. For an in depth answer, watch this video: Setting Up A New Deer Feeder

The short answer is no. To protect our business and our products we only put what is required by law on the bags. Check out this full explanation on Feed Tags from Owner & Operator Bruce Swearingen: Feed Tags & What's In The Bag

Our 20% Plus deer pellets are a complete ration feed offering a minimum 20% protein and all of the necessary vitamins & minerals to grow big healthy deer. Watch this video to learn more about our deer pellets: 20% Premium Plus Protein Deer Pellets

Deer Attractant FAQ

For best results, please follow the instructions here: How To Use 4S DRAW?'

Or check out this video: 4S DRAW Deer Attractant

There are multiple ways to use 4S DRAW in your hunting setup. It helps attract while covering your scents. Check out this video that gives an in-depth explanation of How to Use Deer Attractant In Your Hunting Setup

Deer Mineral FAQ

Please refer to this page: Feeding Instructions: Deer Mineral

Or watch this video: How To Create A Mineral Site For Deer?

Check out this video for an in-depth explanation on When & Where To Use Deer Mineral

Food Plot FAQ

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