Feeding Instructions: Deer Attractant

  • Pour on the ground in strips 2"-4" deep and 4'-5' long or in a pile to make your site a hot spot
  • Add 4S DRAW to enhance nutrient levels and increase consumption of corn and other grains (mix at a rate of 5-10lbs per 50lbs of grain)
  • Broadcast or sprinkle on food plots to enrich plots and boost deer activity
  • For best trail cam pics pour in strips 2"-4" deep parallel to the camera so multiple deer can eat at once
  • Trough Feeding: begin using 4S DRAW as an attractant/supplement - as consumption increases, increase the amount offered.
  • Automatic Spin Feeders: just stir in 4S DRAW as a top dressing. Be sure to blend well to prevent clogging at a rate of 5-10lbs per 50lbs of grain or pellets.