Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap
Pig Brig Hog Trap

Pig Brig Hog Trap

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The Pig Brig trap system is easy to use, simple to transport and set up, doesn't require cell service, and is truly multi-catch.

    • Beefy Boar Shield that is abrasion-resistant and treated for UV protection.
    • Easy-open net seam to allow trailering or net placement around vegetation.
    • Net has a dynamic drop strength of over 8,000 ft-lb.
    pig brig hog traps
    What's Included

    A 20-ft diameter base net with a dynamic drop strength of more than 8,000-ft-lbs as well as a vinyl-coated easy pull cable seam that makes opening and closing your trap a piece of cake. The boar shield is a heavy-duty, double wall of net that keeps big boars inside.

    pig brig hog traps
    What's Included

    This kit includes everything you need to set the net: 2-ft ground anchors, ground anchor driver, anchor stakes, double-hooked cam straps, T-post mounts and zip ties. T-posts are not included. If you use trees, you may not need them.

    pig brig hog traps

    TRAP CAP (optional)
    A 2-ft-wide trap cap—that can be clipped or sewn in—covers approximately 30% of the net opening, keeping jumpers where they belong: inside the trap.


    This slick addition to the Pig Brig XT Trap System ensures that pigs can't climb out. It attaches to the T-posts, just like the Base Net Trap, and will keep a lid on things until you arrive. It weighs 11 lbs. and packs into a basketball-sized container. Easy to carry and sets up in five minutes, it's a great addition to the Pig Brig Trap System for when pigs fly …or at least when they try to jump the top rope. It comes either sewn-in or clip-on to the Pig Brig XT Trap System or you can add the clip-on version later to the Pig Brig Trap System.

    Deer typically do well around the netting. Deer will feed around the trap during the conditioning phase and may even jump in and out to feed. Just make sure once the trap is set to keep all your bait in the center, so animals aren’t feeding against the edge of the net. Occasionally a deer may need to be let out and there is a very small risk of bucks getting their antlers tangled in the netting.

    It depends. All netting is treated with inhibitors that protect it from wear and tear, as well as ultraviolet degradation. Environmental conditions, amount of use, and lack of care can cause more rapid deterioration of the material.

    We expect the net to last about five years. It’s possible it could be longer, or with heavy use, it could be less time. Replacement accessories are easy to find. If you need other replacements, check our site or give us a call. We can help.

    Why Pig Brig® Trap Systems are Your Best Defense.

    Pig Brig Trap System

    •  Easy To Transport
    •  One Person Set Up
    •  Trap Anywhere
    •  Catches the Whole Sounder

    Trap Caps extend the net towards the center to help keep hogs from going over the top. The Sewn-In Trap Cap comes attached, while the Clip-On can be removed.

    Trap Cap StyleSewn-in Trap CapClip-on Trap CapNo Trap Cap$3,000.00

    From $270.77/mo with  View sample plans

    QuantityADD TO CARTSewn-in Trap CapClip-on Trap CapNo Trap Cap

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    • Catching just a few wild pigs at a time does more harm than good. The Pig Brig® Trap System is a continuous-catch trap.
    • Field-tested, field-proven, and designed to take advantage of the pigs’ natural instincts
    • This Pig Brig is the easiest trap to set up and operate — and the most effective at catching the whole sounder.
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