Deer Feeders

That Actually Work.

4S Block Elevator

All-New For 2020!
Extend the life of your blocks by elevating them off the ground with our simple but effective 4S Block Elevator. 

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Trough Feeders

Designed & Built in-house. Trough style feeders provide a comfortable feeding atmosphere.
Available in 200lb or 300lb capacity

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Lock On Feeders

Durable All Steel Lock-On gravity feeders.
Easy setup & Easy to fill
CORN: 275lbs  |  PELLETS: 225lbs

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Stand-N-Fill Feeders

Fill it with your feet on the ground. These All Seasons Stand-N-Fill Feeders get the job done.
Available in 500lb or 1250lb capacity

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Looking for something else?

4S can help!

Looking for a different size or type of feeder? Stop by the warehouse or contact us by sending us an email  or calling us directly at 478-662-2162

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