About Plantler Products


Advanced Wildlife Solutions (AWS) and Creative Land And Wildlife Solutions (CLAWS), in partnership are excited to bring you Plantler food plot seed products. “Hello, my name is Rans Thomas. I am a wildlife biologist and private consultant. After a career spanning more than 25 years managing whitetails on hundreds of private properties across the US, I long ago came to a simple but proven conclusion. No single strategy for High-quality, whitetail deer management can play a bigger role in improving herd health and antler size than superior nutrition. While a supplemental feeding program with 4S Feed plays a vital role, I also believe excellent sources of needed nutrition and attraction for hunting are the food plot plants found in Plantler sold here at Advanced Wildlife Solutions. Optimum results will be seen with 4S Feed and Plantler food plots working together! This is why I partnered with Bruce Swearingen, owner of 4S Advanced Wildlife Solutions, one of the south’s leading experts in supplemental feed products for whitetails. Together we founded Plantler food plot seed. 

Throughout my career I have worked behind the scenes with different, nationally recognized food plot seed brands. After realizing the outright scams in some cases going on in the wildlife seed industry, I began to form my own vision for developing a seed brand and line of products that are highly effective, easy to use and affordable. Plantler seed blends are based on real results from custom seed blends I have formulated for my clients for many years. When Bruce and I started working to develop Plantler products, we first leveraged our partnership’s vast, industry insider connections to procure the highest quality seed from the top, primary providers and growers in the US. We selected plants for our wildlife mixes based on the latest scientific research in whitetail nutrition, decades of real-world professional experience and documented results from across the country. Plantler seed mix ratios and bag sizes are designed to fulfill the needs of almost any hunter-manager. Based on extensive market research we adjusted retail pricing of Plantler products below industry standards for similar or even inferior products. Southern mix plant varieties are more drought and heat tolerant while northern mix plants are cold, freeze and snow tolerant. Please read on to learn more about Plantler products, for planting guidelines and management tips. Good luck this season and give back more than you take with 4S feed and Plantler seed.