Since swapping to Advanced Wildlife Solutions 4S Deer Pellets, Ive seen a definite increase in body and antler size. After using 4S Pellets for almost two years I feel like previously I was just maintaining my deer herd and now I am growing bucks!

-James Thomas

Eat! Eat! Eat! So glad I started using the 4S Deer Pellets the palatability of this feed has been incredible! Since starting with this feed, I've noticed that Im actually attracting more bucks to my property and seeing much larger and healthy deer.

-Roger Willis

I switched to 4S Pellets made by Advanced Wildlife Solutions 3 years ago and this is the best move Ive made for my deer herd. Our local processor called me back to his shop after dropping off a deer to look at the fat on it. This deer had 3.5 inches of fat on its back. The quality of the meat is incredible!

-Chuck Oliver

Over the years, I have used a lot of different deer attractants with mix results. When I go on hunting trips I have literally 3 to 5 days to film a TV show. 4SDraw has been a game changer and has made my life a whole lot easier. When I am hunting in a state that allows bait you can bet there will be a pile 4SDraw in front of me. If you want to put a big buck in the back of your truck I suggest you get yourself some 4SDraw.

- Jason Irish, Dirt Road Outdoors TV

We have been using 4S products for three years now and are seeing the results. We killed 3 bucks this year over 165". We are doing this all in South Georgia. Thank you for your outstanding products.

-Chris M

I took a bag a 4SDraw attractant and a bag of another companies attractant and I went to my favorite feeder and filled it with apple corn and have for 4 years now. I put 4S on the left side and the other brand on the right as my camera looks at the feeder. We got hundreds of pictures the first 3 days of 5 bucks and 4 does around the clock and all of the bucks ate up the 4S product while the other product just had pictures of the does smelling it but not eating it.

-Kevin C

I own Old Gin Creek Country store in Brantley AL . We sell all the major brand name attractants. This season we brought in the Advanced Wildlife solutions line and the 4SDraw has easily become my number one seller! Out selling all the major brands 5 to 1 and my serious customers are loving the Pro20 feed blocks.

-Hunter Royal, Old Gin Creek Country store

No doubt that the use of 4S Advanced Wildlife Solutions has dramatically improved the size of my bucks. Last year in ONE weekend we killed a 173" buck, a 158" buck, and a 155" buck..all free range in Georgia!

-Tom H.