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4S 20% Premium Deer Pellets are a high protein deer feed that should be fed during antler growing months (Spring/Summer).  Since bucks are beginning antler growth and body mass recovery and does are nearing the end of gestation, protein requirements are higher during this period.  4S 20% consist of high quality by-pass protein, non by-pass protein, vitamins and chelated minerals as well as elevated levels of fat/energy.  We have had awsome results with this ration. We are getting tons of testimonials from our customers confirming highly increased antler and body size. This is not just a maintenance feed; it has been carefully formulated and designed to give deer what they need to push them to reach their full potential.

All 4S Feeds contain “Antler Addict Deer Mineral” which is comprised of organic chelated minerals which is a nutritional feed ingredient for animals that contains a combination of organic zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt. These trace minerals are required by animals for numerous functions including: immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, growth and muscle development, milk production, fiber digestion and energy metabolism. In addition, when an animal has the proper balance of trace minerals it is better able to cope with the challenging effects of stress. These are the most bioavailable trace minerals on the market, which means more of the minerals are absorbed by the animal to deliver its full benefit.

50lb bag

Call for rates on bulk loads available via auger truck
No minimums on direct pickup via our Reynolds, GA facility

Feeding Instructions

• Feed near high deer traffic areas

• Feed free choice in covered feeders

• We recommend one feeding area for every 100-200 acres

• Start feeding program slowly if deer on your property are not accustomed to eating from troughs – recommend using corn or “4S Draw”    to get them started.

• When deer begin eating corn or “4S Draw” well slowly incorporate 4S pellets and begin to replace corn or “4S Draw” with 4S pellets

We currently have distributors in the following areas:

•McRae, GA

•Leesburg, GA (Backwoods Outdoors- 1461 U.S. 19, Leesburg, GA 31763)

•Woodbury, GA (Cedar Rock Farm Services-  (12261 Whitehouse Pkwy, Woodbury, GA)

•Blakely, GA (159 N Main St, Blakely, GA 39823)

• Please ask your local retailer about stocking our feed!



Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

1 ton to TN, AL, MS, NC, SC, 2-5 tons to TN, AL, MS, NC, SC, 1 ton to FL, 2 Ton to FL