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**Available Late Sumer / Early Fall**

This greens mix offers a little bit of everything for your deer herd and your food plots. First of all greens can usually be planted a bit earlier than most of our other fall crops. This can give you an advantage if you are a bow hunter and want a secret spot early season. They are also versatile, meaning they can successfully be mixed with other forages like small grains, clovers, or chicory. Since starch conversion to sugar occurs at colder temperatures they are not normally overgrazed early in the growing season. The small seed size and seedling vigor makes them ideal for folks that have limited equipment. Stands can easily be established with a disk harrow and a light drag, or you can simply broadcast seed into a prepared seed bed just before a rain.

Planting Instructions

Prepare seedbed well ahead of planting. Control weeds prior to broadcasting or drilling seed with broad spectrum herbicide like one containing glyphosate. Add 2,4-D or dicamba to improve broadleaf and woody brush control. Following glyphosate wait 7 days to plant. Addition of 2,4-D or Dicamba wait a minimum of 21 days.

Broad cast seed and incorporate with a drag, drag harrow or cultipacker. More even distribution in large spreaders can be achieved by mixing seed with a carrier like coarse sand, pelletized lime or fertilizer. Do not let seed remain in contact with wet/damp fertilizer. If drilling plant seed no deeper than 1/2”. With either method make sure you have good seed to soil contact.


Plants 1 Acre