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Create a professional grade food source that will keep deer coming back

created by wildlife biologist

Plantler Food plot seed

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Plantler Product Line:


Available in a Southern Blend

A multi-year mix of heat tolerant, white and red clover with a top-performing chicory for the south. 

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Forage Brassicas

Available in Northern & Southern Blends

A mix of cool season annual, large bulb, forage radish, turnip and hybrid rape. 

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Forager Plus

Available in Northern & Southern Blends

A cool season mix of high quality clover, forage brassica and chicory. 

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Yellow Jacket Seed Coating

Most seed types in Plantler mixes are coated with Yellow Jacket (YJ), a lime based coating, not clay or talc. It contains a cornstarch based, super absorbent technology product. This product can absorb 600 times its weight in water and readily releases it to the plant as needed. Most wildlife food plots are non-irrigated and periods of drought at the time of planting are becoming more common across the country. With limited time and resources, many food plotters cannot wait on rain to plant. In drought conditions, YJ can help insure germination and very early plant development even with limited soil moisture. With adequate rainfall it can further enhance the result. For all of the clovers in Plantler mixes, YJ does include the appropriate inoculant for optimal rhizobium, nitrogen fixation post emergence. The yellow color of the coating makes it easier to see the seeds when monitoring seed depth.

University field trials have proven that it takes less seed per acre to produce a full stand with YJ coating. Some commercial seed mixes on the market are coating at 50% with other coatings that may use talk or clay. Just read the product label! You may see 50% inert matter or coating. What this means in most cases is that only half of what is in those product bags is actual seed. Plantler seed is YJ coated at 33%. We are required by Louisiana regulations where Plantler is sold to state on the front of bags that "contents contain up to 50% coated seed". UP TO does not apply with Plantler products! Through many years of field trials and real world testing we feel confident that a 33% coating provides the right seed to coating ratio. Compared to other products, you are often buying more seed for your buck with Plantler and still getting the benefits of an adequate amount of Yellow Jacket coating.

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