Your GO-TO food plot seed for BIG HEALTHY DEER

Fall/Winter Food Plot Seed

Harvest Advantage

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With proper fertility and management these grains will provide quality forage with crude protein in the range of 15-25%. Late winter and summer are the times of the year when deer struggle to find quality forage. Harvest Advantage will help fill that winter void and make your property more desirable to a larger number of animals.

All grains in this blend are easily established by broadcasting or drilling and their seed sizes make them easy to plant in combination. Place seed approximately 1″ deep on a well prepared seed-bed and firm the seed-bed after planting for best results. Moderate amounts of fertilizer spread out over the growing season will help maintain quality and quantity throughout the winter.

Grain will mature in the spring providing an added benefit to the wild turkey and other gamebirds on your property. If you plant a warm season food plot, you can easily broadcast over the top of this mixture in spring, and lightly harrow it in.